CaELiKe Nude Video Leaked

Mexican YouTube star CaELiKe has just had the nude Skype video above leaked online.

For those who do not know CaELiKe (Caeli Lopez) is by far the biggest YouTube star in all of Mexico (which is like being the world’s tallest midget) with over 13 million subscribers to her channel. She is also a tremendous whore as we can see from this nude video, and the response she posted to the leak below (translated from Mexican)…

People who live in the past and care about a video from 6 years ago?? My loves!! You know me and know how I really am. I am the same one who worries about making them laugh and have a good time always?? and the people who want to fuck me … I leave you this

In a sense CaELiKe is correct one should not live in the past, but rather look towards the future…

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For surely in the years to come CaELiKe will leak some nude content featuring her new bulbous titties that she purchased with her dirty YouTube money, and is flaunting in a pink bikini in the pictures above and below.

celeb-videos, celeb-jihad, caelike