Justin Bieber Announces New CD Song Titles

justin-bieber, celeb-jihad

Pop diva Justin Bieber released the song titles to her upcoming CD “My World 2.0” on her Twitter account last night.

The album title “My World 2.0” is a thinly veiled reference to Justin’s plan on conquering the world and enslaving humanity with her brand of sexually ambiguous R&B tracks. No doubt Justin will one day be successful and we will enter a nightmare world for which we will never awake from… but until then here is the track list to Justin Bieber’s new album due out next month.


  • Track 1: Cunt Destroyer
  • Track 2: Talk Back Get Smacked
  • Track 3: Bootyhole
  • Track 4: Face Down Ass Up
  • Track 5: Get Your Red Wings Girl
  • Track 6: A is for Abortion
  • Track 7: Bootyhole (Techno Remix)
  • Track 8: Dogs, Peanut Butter, A Night to Remember
  • Track 9: 2 in the Pink 1 in the Stink
  • Track 10: Donkey Punch aka How to Say I Love You