Christina Hendricks Flexing Her Boobs Vid

christina-hendricks, celeb-jihad

Only one actress in heathen Hollywood has the bosom and moxy to pull off the impressive boob flex in the video above, “Mad Men” star and saucy redhead Christina Hendricks.

We have often said that the busty Christian Hendricks would make a fine concubine for a virile Muslim man, now we know for certain that she would. Not only would her massive mammaries serve a useful function in the feeding of many a Jihadist litter, but with boob flexing abilities like this she would certainly be a hit at parties.

Christina Hendricks and her breasts have a bright future serving at the heel of a powerful Muslim man. No doubt she is wasting her time in heathen Hollywood and should make a pilgrimage to Mecca post haste to begin fulfilling her destiny.