Kim Kardashian Nude Cell Phone Pics Leaked

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Nude cell phone pics of Kim Kardashian have just been leaked online.

As you can see in the photo above and the one below, Kim Kardashian poses for some naked selfies in her palatial Italian marble covered bathroom that she built with her filthy porn money.

nude-celebs, kim-kardashian, celeb-jihad

Of course the most interesting thing about these leaked nude Kim Kardashian cell phone pics is getting to see what must be the unluckiest bidet in the world in the background of the first pic. One can only imagine the horrendous sights that poor little bidet must have to endure as it continually has to wash the enormous sh*t and semen encrusted asses of the Kardashian clan.

With these Kim Kardashian nudes leaking today, and the Aubrey Plaza and Lake Bell ones leaking yesterday, this appears to mean that “The Fappening” is back on. Let us brace ourselves for the wave of celebrity nude depravity that will soon wash over us.