Selena Gomez Leaves Her Mark At A Glory Hole

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Selena Gomez just received the highest honor in all of Mexico when she was asked to sign her name to the wall of the famous Tijuana glory hole “El Burro Chupar”.

Of course Selena Gomez’s big break came at the “El Burro Chupar” when she was still just a little chalupa, and she landed the coveted Friday and Saturday 1:00AM to 4:00AM shift. The rest as they say is showbiz history as Selena Gomez used her experience at the glory hole to make it in heathen Hollywood.

The whole Gomez clan was on hand for the signing ceremony including 90-year-old family matriarch Lupe Gomez, who fought back tears of joy while proudly proclaiming to anyone that would listen that she had taught Selena everything she knows.